Vindication is a large, active, social guild that has been around since 2009 on Kirin Tor Alliance.  We have over 500 active accounts and our members are all ages and from all backgrounds!  Since the merge with Steamwheedle Cartel & Sentinels, we've acquired many new awesome members from those servers as well!  We promote a very laid back and fun environment.  You will never login to an empty guild here!


RAIDING: Our casual current content run is Friday @ 8PM Server/Central. 

Here are a few of the perks you can expect when you join Vindication:

  •     guild bank repairs - your repairs (up to a certain point with the daily cap) are on us! (amount increases as your guild rank increases)
  •     guild bank access - you will have access to all kinds of useful items in the guild bank, such as bags, profession leveling mats, food, potions, gear and many more items to help you level with! (withdrawal amounts increase as your guild rank increases)
  •     guild perks - increased mount speed, mobile banking, hasty hearth, etc.
  •     community - Vindication is an ever-growing community of laid back (but respectful), helpful, fun and active players.  Those that try to put a damper on our atmosphere are dealt with immediately.
  •      guild raffles - we do at least 1 raffle a month for various items, including mounts, rare battle pets, hexweave bags, etc.
  •     heirlooms - once you reach a certain reputation with the guild, you are able to purchase heirloom gear which will give you a leveling experience bonus!
  •       guild-exclusive mounts & pets - including but not limited to Lil' Tarecgosa, Reins of the Dark Phoenix, Reins of the Golden King, etc.
    ....and more!


Be Respectful: It's not a secret that we're generally a pretty laid back and even inappropriate guild. Neither I nor any of the officers are monitoring every "shit", "fuck", or "dick" uttered. However, when/if comments become mean-spirited and/or rude towards a guildmate, that is when it is a problem and will be handled immediately (almost always a gkick). It's okay to make jokes, it's not okay to be a dick. This also goes for all other public chats. You are representing Vindication in your words & actions.

Do Not Put the GM or Officers on Ignore:
If you do this, you will be removed. Bye girl.

Be Appropriate: Conversations that are sexual in nature do not belong in any guild-affiliated chat channels, including Discord.  Do not hint at those types of conversations, and most certainly do not HAVE those types of conversations in guild chat.  What you do in private is your business, but those types of conversations are not allowed in guild chat.  As always, joking in reference to these things is acceptable, otherwise, DON'T.

Know How/Where to Address Guild Issues: Wherever there are people, there's going to inevitably be drama. We understand that in some cases, it may be no fault of your own, however, it must still be resolved. If you find yourself in the middle of any problems concerning the guild or any of your guildmates and cannot resolve it maturely among yourselves, take it to the GM or an officer. It is NEVER appropriate to discuss this type of situation in guild chat, trade, or any other public chat.

Do Not Abuse Guild Bank Access: The guild bank is stocked with items to help every single member of the guild and you are welcome to take what you need. We define "need" as items that will help you level, level your professions, boost your character, or contribute to your gameplay in some way. The items in the guild bank are not there to make you a profit and you should never take anything out to sell or to send to any character that is NOT in Vindication (even if it's your own alt). The guild bank is very closely monitored and I reserve the right to question any and all withdrawals, and demote you to a rank with minimal or no access if your withdrawals become excessive.

Label Your Alts & Your Main: There are several important reasons for doing this, but the big one is the fact that I am constantly removing inactive players from the guild to make room for active ones. The guild cap is 1,000 and we are almost always on the verge of that. I absolutely do not want to remove any characters that are alts of people who play regularly and are in good standing with us, so please label your alts. It may seem like something unimportant, but I can assure you that it is a very simple step for you to take that will make life easier for everybody. I cannot guarantee the safety of any character's spot in the guild that has been inactive for longer than a 2 week period and is not labeled.

Do Not Spam Guild Chat: Do not spam guild chat with regular messages, addons, links, macros or anything else. Spamming is annoying in any type of chat, and we certainly do not want it in guild chat.

Do Not Ask for Gold: As trivial as it sounds, most of us are familiar with WoW beggers, and are also quite annoyed by them. Please do not ask the guild for gold. We know that it sucks to be a new/low level character on a new server and not have any gold. However, there is no reason that you cannot make your own gold by questing and use of your professions just like everybody else does. If you have questions about professions, as always, feel free to ask. 

Guild Chat is Not Your Own Personal Trade Chat: If you find yourself in need of a certain item and want to ask the guild if anybody has any to spare, that's fine. However, do not repeatedly and excessively ask for, and take items that you are perfectly capable of obtaining yourself.

Be Present & Ready For Guild Runs: If you sign up for and attend runs with the guild (raids, mythic +'s, etc.), be present. Do not go AFK constantly. Do not make excuses. If you are sick, have company, or are busy etc., do not commit to guild runs. Do not attend and expect a carry. If you are found to be doing this, you will be excluded from guild runs permanently.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I be an officer? / Are you looking for officers?: The short answer is probably not. I recruit based on need. The current officers  & myself have things handled and have for a very, very long time (I'm talking years). If a need arises at any point, I will inform the guild as a whole.

Why are you always kicking people? I kick inactive players on a daily basis.

How long does a member need to be inactive before they are kicked? 2 weeks for unlabeled & 6 months for labeled

Why is it important to have my main and alts labeled and how do I do it? As previously stated, unlabeled toons get kicked fairly quickly. Mail or message the GM, a High Vindicator, or an Officer to get your toon(s) labeled.

Why is my alt only Comfy even though my main is higher? All alts (except Officers & GM) are Comfy.

Why don't I have guild bank access? If you are New in Box rank, you are the lowest rank and will not get guild bank access until you rank higher.

How do I get more guild bank access? By ranking up with the guild.

How do I get my rank up with the guild? The amount of time you've been a member along with being an active, friendly & helpful member are important factors, but there are no strict guidelines. If you're being an awesome part of the guild, notice will be taken and you will be promoted at some point.

Why is the first guild bank tab deposit only? It is deposit only for every rank. This makes my job easier when it comes to keeping the guild bank organized. I will appropriately distribute all deposits into their appropriate tabs & I appreciate all deposits!

Can I have or buy any of the items in the Deposit Only tab? No. Those items are for guild raffles only and will not be distributed for any other purpose.

How much do I get in guild repairs? New in Box - 5G/Day | Comfy - 100G/Day | Vindicator - 150G/Day | High Vindicator & Officer - 200G/Day

Do you raid? Yes. Raid nights are Fri & Sat at 9PM C.

Do you have voice chat for the guild? Yes, we have Discord. The server info is in the guild info tab in the game.

What ranks can invite members to the guild? Any member Vindicator & up can invite to the guild.

How do I know who the GM and / or officers is/are? The GM will always be labeled "Tina - GM" & officers will always have the "Officer" rank.


If you've read all of this and would like to give us a try, just send a whisper to Trixiekoopa-Kirin Tor or any other member of Vindication and we'll get you an invite sent out!  If you have questions, ask away!